Vacationing in France?: Easy French Phrases to Sound Like a Local

Vacationing in France?: Easy French Phrases to Sound Like a Local

by Isabella Ortiz 


Are you heading to France this upcoming summer? Maybe visiting the Eiffel Tower or heading to the Louvre Museum or buying a simple cup of coffee. Knowing a few phrases in french can get you a long way.

Our founders, Léa and Sarah post weekly french lesson reels on Instagram to help navigate France. Titled, POV: "You are in Paris and want to say." They teach  basic phrases in french can make your time in the city of love more enjoyable. 

Here some phrases that can help along the way!

Food & Drinks

We all love going out for drinks and getting a bite to eat, but finding happy hour specials are always a plus. Here's how to say, "Is it time for happy hour yet?"

In french: Est-ce que c'est déjà l'heure de l'Apero? 

Ordering in a restaurant can be challenging. The waiter comes to the table and asks for your drink order; let's start simple with a glass of wine.

"A glass of red wine, please!" 

In French: Un verre de vin rouge s'il vous plaît! 

Fun fact: In France most house red wine will be delicious no matter where you are!

Next, ordering your main course. You may not know how to read the menu, instead simply ask for the specials instead. "What's the special today?"

In French: Quel est le plat du jour?

A restaurant may be to hectic for you. Let's try ordering a simple coffee. "Can I have a latte please?"

In French: Un café crème, s'il vous plaît?

Lastly, finishing up your delicious french meal, we now need to ask fro the check.

"Check please!"

In French: L' addition s'il vous plaît!

Navigating the City

Navigating the city can be hard in itself, let us help make it a little easier with purchasing a subway card. Here's how to say, "I would like to buy a subway card."

In French: J'aimerais acheter un ticket de métro.

After long walk around Paris, you could use a drink! You may ask, "Where is the nearest bar?"

In French: Où le bar plus proche?

Exploring a new city, you are bound to get lost. To say I am lost you would say,

In french: Je suis perdue !

Visiting a new city, well may not have an internation plan. Asking for the Wi-Fi password can be crucial to your stay in Paris.

You may ask, "Do you have Wi-Fi?"

In French, Avez-vous du Wifi?

We hope these simple and easy French phrases help you on your next Parisian adventure. Keep up to date with our Instagram to learn more French phrases. 

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