How La Femme Apéro Sources Fabric

How La Femme Apéro Sources Fabric

by Isabella Ortiz


La Femme Apéro is an ethical and sustainable brand that takes pride in staying committed to ethical manufacturing practices. Our brand sources all fabrics and trims locally to reduce our transport carbon footprint and producing in small quantities. We are here to share an inside look into how we source our fabrics to produce our beautiful pieces for you all!


Choosing Fabric Locally

Our fabrics are sourced in Portugal and Turkey. Léa and Sarah tour local factories in the area that have overstock from producing fast fashion clothing pieces. Often, many factories produce a large quantity of fabric for fast fashion brands and is thrown out or never used. We would hate to see those fabrics go unused. To prevent this, we purchase the fabric that we find suitable for our collections to create clothing that will stay in your forever wardrobe. 

A company we purchase our recycled fabrics is Nona Source. They are a Paris based brand who is one the first resale platforms that revalue dead stock fabrics and leathers from exclusive French Maisons de Couture. Nona Source allows us to easily access high-quality materials.



This way we are designing with what already exists rather than ordering in bulk and contributing to the immense waste of fabrics in the fashion industry. With the fabrics that are shipped straight from Nonna Source to our factories in Portugal and Turkey we use pre-made greige fabrics. Greige fabrics are unfinished which has no print and usually comes directly from a loom or knitting machine. 

La Femme Apéro takes these unfinished fabrics and print our own prints onto them to sell to you. This can be a very long a tedious process as it we need to find fabrics that fit the brand and our desired texture for our pieces.


Overall, we stride to provide our customers with ethical pieces and make them aware of where their clothing items are being sourced. Having a transparent relationship is key and we will continue to work hard in providing clothing that are manufactured using certified recycled fabrics.
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